Alena Alexandrova


Unclaimed Images, Alena Alexandrova/Johannes Schwartz, 2021

Alena is invited to participate in the role of writer and researcher, her current research and investigations connect to the form of the residency as well as the physical location through several topics such as archaeology, the afterlife of photographic images, technology and its impact on memory and history.

During the residency she will work on her project Residues, which will retrace and map a network of material and visual residues, remnants and traces related to the history of the site, and will involve her own investigations of the conceptual weight of discarded material and fragments that never make it to the final work or text. These residues will become the protagonists in a story that will attempt to witness a strange, possibly traumatic and revolutionary event, and will question the status of residues in digital space, which is associated with a particular form of flattening of experience.

Alena will also provide some critical reflection on the residency program overall – this will take the form of a short essay regarding the residency experience and process, which will accompany the final exhibition.

Alena Alexandrova is a cultural theorist and an independent curator based in Amsterdam. She teaches theory at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. She holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam. Currently she is writing a book Anarchic Infrastructures: Re-Casting the Archive, Displacing Chronologies and working on Unclaimed Images, a project investigating the afterlife of photographic images (in collaboration with photographer Johannes Schwartz). She is the author of Breaking Resemblance (Fordham University Press, 2017) and has published internationally in the fields of aesthetics, performance and visual studies, and regularly contributes to art publications and catalogues. She has curated exhibitions around the conceptual figure of anarcheology.